Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bluehost Review From Real Bluehost Hosting Customers

Bluehost Review :

The rapid expansion of networks and webpages has given a high increase to the demand of web hosting. As a result, we can observe a really tough competition between the web hosting companies which are all busy in attaining positive customer reviews and a high reputation. Amongst these is Bluehost which is one of the most prominent and strongest companies in this competition. 

Being one of the largest twenty web hosts, Bluehost is hosting over more than 1.9 million domains. Such a high ranking makes it obvious that it has a great customer support. As its slogan says, “The Web Hosting Solution of Choice Powering Millions of Websites” it really provides a perfect solution of hosting requirements and problems for everyone at the best affordable rates. Whether your demands are of an individual or a business man, you can expect a high quality, speedy work. This flexibly and speed is one of the major reasons why Bluehost has successfully achieved positive customer reviews. 

You may be familiar of the fact that web hosting is something which plays a vital role in success of a business. For that it is important that the people whose support you are getting for web hosting re professional and have a high experience in this field. That professionalism and supportive behaviour are both available at Bluehost. You can get best consultation and best results here. You can choose Bluehost with full confidence and expectation of perfect solution due to the advance technology used. Their own data centre, servers, national wide fibre network and such similar things give them further command over their job. Thus, you can get most of your problems solved here. Apart from general web hosting, Bluehost can provide you with UPS, diesel generators and multiple 10 GB wireless connections at any part of the world. These facilities and technical support allows you to move towards success easily in a short time. 

Now you must be familiar with the services and their quality Bluehost provides. Let’s discuss the rates and packages at which these services are available to the customers. You are provided with three packages (standard, enhances and premium) from which you may choose according to your need. Standard package is sufficient for the demands of an individual. This costs $150 per month. Next is the enhanced package which is suitable for you if you are looking for the service which is somewhat in between that of an individual’s and a business man.  This is available at a nice rate of $200 per month. Last is the premium package which is perfect to meet your complex business demands for webhosting. It costs $250 per month which if fully justified by the worth of the services provided in this package. To make these offers further affordable and attractive, Bluehost has given a bluehost coupon of 50% in the first month. This discount is applicable on all the subscriptions regardless the time period and package you select. You do not need to worry at all about the calculations of the total expenditure on all this. You will definitely get the accurate prices with correct discount application and calculations. So this eliminates the issue of high unaffordable rates which most of the people face while using web hosting services. With Bluehost you just need to focus on your web page and management of your business instead of calculation of expenses you need to bear. 

Apart from the above, there are some specific features which make Bluehost different from other companies providing web hosting services. These are also the reasons for choosing Bluehost from the bunch of similar companies. Prices are one of the most important factors for customers which lead them in choosing he best for them. Bluehost, along with great affordable rates, offers one month money back guarantee. You can get a lot of discount with hosting plans. Check the coupons here :

If their services do not work well for you, you may claim the fees you paid back. Along with the willingness of satisfying customers, it is also a symbol of guaranteed quality. Next is the customer care. You can easily consult the helpline and get a fast reply from their sides. This is a quick and perfect solution for any problems you may face while handling your web page. Another feature is storage upgrades. This is in the ‘coming soon’ list. Storage upgrades will allow adding more storage to your dedicated server by paying a few more. Once launched, this will definitely attract a lot of customers. Finally is the technical support and facilities of technology provided. This is something unique which is not commonly offered by other web hosting companies. 

For a complete satisfaction, you may like to see reviews of some of the other Bluehost customers. Below are shown some of them by the real customers.

The overall rating by users for Bluehost is 4.1/5 as shown below:
So such positive reviews and high quality services by Bluehost fully explain why it is such a highly ranked company. 

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Step 2: You can see that discounted price is now showing to you.

Step 3: Enter your domain name (if you have) else, buy a new one with Bluehost.

Step 4: Select your plan and duration for that hosting plan.

Step 5: Enter payment details and make your payment.

Step 6: All done.